Hack Organic 1 Bundle: Cheat Sheets and Practice Tests
Hack Organic 1 Bundle: Cheat Sheets and Practice Tests
Hack Organic 1 Bundle: Cheat Sheets and Practice Tests
Hack Organic 1 Bundle: Cheat Sheets and Practice Tests
Hack Organic 1 Bundle: Cheat Sheets and Practice Tests
Hack Organic 1 Bundle: Cheat Sheets and Practice Tests
Hack Organic 1 Bundle: Cheat Sheets and Practice Tests

Hack Organic 1 Bundle: Cheat Sheets and Practice Tests

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Discover the Expert Secrets to Acing Organic Chemistry Without Spending Hours Stuck In the Library!

Are you scared that organic chemistry is going to keep you away from graduation day?

I mean let's face it. You've heard the horror stories haven't you?

"I couldn't go to med school because I couldn't pass organic 1."

"Man my parents ripped me a new one when they found out that I didn't pass organic 1. I guess I ruined the line of dentists in my family."

"All I ever wanted to do was be a vet and help people spend more time with their fur family. But, I couldn't get past organic 1 so I just went into english since it was so much easier and I had to do something. I could tell my parents were disappointed."

Maybe even you've had a brush with failure already and you're trying to come back to slay the beast that is organic chemistry. It's not easy. You're sitting in class and the teacher is droning on and on about resonance, and carbocations, and nucleophiles getting in fist fights with electrophiles, and anti-marky mark regioselectivity and it just gets overwhelming for you. Your hands get clammy, you start feeling anxiety in the pit of your stomach.

Then you hear the 5 words that make your heart sink because you don't even know where to begin....

"Does anybody have any questions???"

Oh yeah, I've seen your blank stare many times before.

Instantly, you know you're behind, but you have no earthly idea what to ask or even where to begin. Then you blink twice and it's already midterm. Blink again and it's finals.

And you haven't learned anything....

The pressure of failure begins to feel like your head is in a vice, tightening every day.

You think "maybe I should just quit. Maybe my dreams of being a doctor, or a dentist, or a vet are just that. Dreams. They'll never come true. And now I have to tell my parent's that I quit. I know they'll be disappointed, but it's just too hard and I don't have any help."

Well about that last part, you do have help and if you keep reading below, you'll find that the perfect life jacket has arrived to keep you from drowning in the sea of organic molecules.

Become A Mechanism Maestro Even If You're Light Years Behind in Class Or Just Getting Started

What if I told you that no matter where you are in your organic chemistry journey, you now have the power to right the ship and make it to graduation day with your dreams intact? Would you believe me?

I hope you do because I am here to give you that power right here, right now. My name is Tanei Ricks. I graduated from The University of Tennessee-Knoxville with a PhD in organic chemistry and then started teaching at Clayton State University. I have a total of 4 years combined teaching experience in lab and lecture that has given me profound insights on how you learn organic chemistry.

You and I see this subject very differently and I discovered this after thousands hours of lecture and private tutoring. Keeping that in mind, I have created the Hack Organic Chemistry 1 cheat sheets with you, the student, in mind.

Most professors simply cannot afford to stop class to spend time repeating concepts that you don't understand. Some professors are simply out of touch when it comes to relating these important concepts to you in a simple, easy to digest manner.

That's why these sheets are different.

You see, after watching the pain and anguish on many a student's face from simply not connecting the dots, I developed a n00b proof system so you can learn how to organic chemistry in the shortest amount of time possible without having to sift through stacks of handwritten notes. You don't have to try to get everything at one time.

I am giving you the essential parts of every lesson in a pattern that is:

*Easy to learn with no prior knowledge

*Easy to study anywhere on any mobile device

*Easy to come back to for studying for professional exams such as the MCAT, the PCAT, and others

These sheets aren't just about passing organic chemistry for the moment, they are about setting you up to become the doctor, dentist, vet, or any other professional that you desire to be.

You deserve that much. Not only that. The ones who have sacrificed for you deserved that much.

The sheets help you pay it forward to your parents and family members that:

*Worked 80 hours a week to save up for you to go to college

*Came from another country to give you the best chance at success possible

*Hustled their way out of poverty to give you a shot to make it

*Built a prestigious name and path of excellence for you to live up to

You now have the opportunity to do just that and give them that big hug on graduation day and beyond into your white coat ceremony.

It's time to make a play. Click "Add to Cart" to get started now.

How These Sheets Will Help You Become an Orgo Pro

Study sheets made with you, the student, in mind.

Within your instant download file, you get to steal a zip file with PDFs of my expert system for learning topics typically covered in organic 1. There are 15 sheet topics and 27 sheets total that will help strengthen your knowledge of:

*Acids and Bases

*Addition to Alkenes and Alkynes

*Substitution and Elimination Reactions

*Organic Molecule Nomenclature


*Free Radical Reactions

*Reactions of Selected Functional Groups Such as Alcohols, Ethers, Epoxides, Alkyl Halides

*And Much Much More!

Use these sheets to not only strengthen your current learning, but to also cut your time writing notes down. Print them out before hand and use them to write class notes on or make notes digitally using your favorite mobile device or computer.

By the time you get through these sheets, you will discover that you have transformed from the timid organic chemistry pleb to the mechanism maestro that is ready to wear the white coat that you were destined for.

To get started on your journey, simply click "Add to Cart" to unearth a new you today!

Get The Secret Stash of Practice Tests That You Need to Ace Your Next Organic 1 Test

Are you feeling nervous about taking your next organic 1 test?

If this is your first time taking organic 1, or you failed your last test, I can imagine how high your stress must be, especially since you've heard all of the horror stories about how hard organic 1 can be.

The truth is that all professors are different, but the material is the same. Organic chemistry is organic chemistry wherever you are taking it.

That's a good thing because if you can manage to get your grubby little hands on a practice test, then it's much more likely that you will do better on the actual test. In fact, did you know that students scores increase by an average of 17% when they have access to a practice test?

Yet, some professors will not have a test that you can use as reference. And even if they do, if you're really serious about making your professional school dreams a reality, you need all of the test help that you can get.

I've put together 3 practice tests using questions that I've used on my own previous tests. Meaning you're getting questions that have been used in a classroom setting.

Each practice test also comes with an answer sheet so that you can try the test first without looking at the answers. I've found that when you struggle through the tests, it highlights the areas that you need to work on to succeed!

What you get in total:

3 Practice Tests - PT 1 (Molecular representations, alkanes, and acids/bases - 61 questions), PT 2 (Substitution/elimination reactions, addition to alkenes and alkynes - 63 questions), PT 3 (Alcohols, ethers, epoxides, radical reactions - 44 questions)

The solutions to all 3 tests.

To get started breaking the curve in your class on your way to graduation day, simply click "Add to Cart" now.