Hack Organic 1 Practice Tests
Hack Organic 1 Practice Tests
Hack Organic 1 Practice Tests

Hack Organic 1 Practice Tests

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Get The Secret Stash of Practice Tests That You Need to Ace Your Next Organic 1 Test

Are you feeling nervous about taking your next organic 1 test?

If this is your first time taking organic 1, or you failed your last test, I can imagine how high your stress must be, especially since you've heard all of the horror stories about how hard organic 1 can be.

The truth is that all professors are different, but the material is the same. Organic chemistry is organic chemistry wherever you are taking it.

That's a good thing because if you can manage to get your grubby little hands on a practice test, then it's much more likely that you will do better on the actual test. In fact, did you know that students scores increase by an average of 17% when they have access to a practice test?

Yet, some professors will not have a test that you can use as reference. And even if they do, if you're really serious about making your professional school dreams a reality, you need all of the test help that you can get.

I've put together 3 practice tests using questions that I've used on my own previous tests. Meaning you're getting questions that have been used in a classroom setting.

Each practice test also comes with an answer sheet so that you can try the test first without looking at the answers. I've found that when you struggle through the tests, it highlights the areas that you need to work on to succeed!

What you get in total:

3 Practice Tests - PT 1 (Molecular representations, alkanes, and acids/bases - 61 questions), PT 2 (Substitution/elimination reactions, addition to alkenes and alkynes - 63 questions), PT 3 (Alcohols, ethers, epoxides, radical reactions - 44 questions)

The solutions to all 3 tests.

To get started breaking the curve in your class on your way to graduation day, simply click "Add to Cart" now.