How Your Parents Secretly Motivate You to Crush Organic Chemistry

Today, I read a very heartwarming story on quora.

Too often you hear the horror stories of students like you getting disowned by their parents because they didn't pursue a professional school track. This disappointment is just too much for your parents to bear.

This story is quite different though. For this young lady, named Kiara Quinncilla, her parents actually motivated her to switch her career path and go to med school. She writes: 

"My parents make me want to attend medical school. There’s a thin fine line that makes a big difference right there.

Since I was too small to even understand the concept of a doctor, they always told me that it was great to be a doctor. It was great to be able to help people.

Anyway, I grew up loving mathematics and subtly disliking biology. I found math much more compelling. I was in full intention to go to architect school, until, in the last minute, I signed up for medical school.

That was a severe swerve, everyone agreed (and was surprised), but do you know what I was thinking about?


My parents’ happiness.


They would be very happy to raise a doctor in the family. Yes, they would always allow me to go for any profession I want. They would never ask me to comply to what they wish for—but I know they would be happy if I chose to go to medical school.

Some people might find it stupid, that I should pursue my own dream, not my parents’ (including my boyfriend at times, though he would always be supportive to any of my final decisions). But boy, I love them too much I want to make them happy in any way I am able to.

And plus, my father has diabetes that’s been going on for years. He has never been satisfied by his doctors—none of them is communicative enough for my dad. He never really understands his condition. And that is even a bigger encouragement for me to attend medical school, though it’s not actually my field of expertise.

Now I’m happy to be able to answer all things my dad asks about his diabetic condition (mostly because I already understand the basic, and I know the right source to find the evidence-based information).

So I pick medics over architecture. Do I regret it? Sometimes. But if I were given another chance to pick again, I would do the same.

Thank you for reading."

Man pass me a kleenex. 

Anyway, this shows that your career path is not just about you, it is about the people you care about, especially your parents. Yeah, they may be hard on you, but it's mostly because they want the best for you.

Most of them struggled at some point and they don't want that for you. They want you to excel. And I'm sure that you don't want organic chemistry to stand in the way of that.

If you want to see your parents smile and give you that big hug on graduation day, then check out this link now: