Organic Chemistry Notes: Nobody Cares How Much You Study Organic Chemistry

This is probably the hardest statement to take in.

But honestly, it's best you internalize this now. Nobody really cares about what you do with organic chemistry.

It's not malicious. It's anything but quite honestly. Yet, you have to keep in mind that only 1 in 5 people are scientifically literate.

This means that the only people that will likely understand your struggle are your classmates.


Not your family.

Not your friends.

Not your romantic partner.


Only you. The irony is that everyone cares about the outcome of you passing the class and passing with the best possible mark.


Why? Because this determines what you become. If you fail, you can kiss your dreams of being a doctor, a dentist, a vet, a pharmacist, or anything else that requires o chem goodbye.

And the really unfair thing is that you have to feel the disappointment that you failed from them. That's a rough feeling.

The gut-wrenching stares. The sad eyes that give you that little twinge of pain in your heart. The pity hugs.

Great feeling right?


Well, imagine for a second that these people could actually understand what you were talking about. Wouldn't you want to explain it in the easiest way possible?

A way that would help them see you taking the step from scared of o chem to fearless, white coat wearing, mechanism maestro? That would make the accomplishment feel more real to you and them and that's a big win for all.

The key is to find resources to study efficiently like you were trying to explain it to them. If you find these resources, then you don't have to kill yourself studying for hours in the library.

Luckily, some of these resources are on this here site. One of the best is our Hack Organic 1 bundle that contains carefully crafted cheat sheets and practice tests that you can use to spend less time studying and more time understanding. 

Here's the link to them: