Organic Chemistry Class: Organic Chemistry in the Summer - Fair or Foul?

I remember last year right before the summer I taught organic chemistry, I had a student come in and ask me a question.

"Dr. Ricks, I'm taking cell biology, organic chemistry 2, and statistics over the summer. Do you think that's too much or can I manage it?"

I gave him an honest answer: I don't know.


It was honest because I really didn't know his capability. All things being equal, that's a heavy class load, so I told him that if it were me, I would take either cell bio or o chem, but not both in the same summer.


My reason for telling him this is that organic chemistry is already hard enough during a regular 12-week curriculum. Condensing it to 4 is playing the game on insane mode. Does that mean you can't do it? Not at all.


What it does mean is that if you decide to do it, then you really can't afford to mess around with your time.

Everything has to be crisp.

Everything has to be efficient.

You have to be focused.

All of these things are within your control so of course they can be done, but don't kid yourself thinking that it will be easy.

Your hands will probably cramp from writing notes all of the time. Your brain will probably feel like mush from trying to keep up with the rapid-fire content. You will find yourself spending a ton of time practicing concepts if you truly want to get them before your test.

Yet, all of these things can be done if you decide that they can be. And if you have some help along the way.

Pre-made study notes and practice tests can go a long way, especially with keeping your hands and your brain from being overworked.

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