Organic Chemistry Class: The 3 Secret Things You Need to Survive Organic Chemistry

Let's face it: organic chemistry is tough.

Very tough. And often times, it is the single biggest deterrent of you getting your white coat.

The worst part is that organic chemistry is *nothing* like general chemistry. Some of the skills translate, but many of the things you learn like




are nonexistent in gen chem. Yet, that's ok, because if you made it through gen chem, you can make it through organic chem and here are the 3 secret things you need to do it.

The 3 Secret Things You Need to Survive Organic Chemistry

1) A schedule - If you want to be successful in organic chemistry, then you need a schedule to stick to. You will struggle in the beginning. That is natural.

However, having a study schedule will help you get the practice that you need to stay ahead of the lessons.

2) A study group - If you want to go fast, then go alone. Yet, if you want to go far, go together. Find people to collaborate with very early in the semester.

When you have questions, you can bounce them off of each other. Someone may be strong where you are weak. That is the perfect opportunity to teach and learn from each other.

If you can teach someone the material in your own words, that means that you truly understand it. That's the level you want to get to, and a study group helps.

3) Good notes/resources - Studying organic chemistry is really about efficiency on many levels. Most of the time you're going to be in huge lecture halls with 100+ students.

If you're lucky enough to be in a class of fewer than 50 people, then that's much better to ask questions about things you don't understand. However, that is not always the case.

Having a system for accessing your notes quickly is very important. Even better is having premade notes that you can reference in class and write your own notes on top of. This will save you tons of time and keep you from scouring through hours of notes that don't make sense.

Time is of the essence in this class and the more of it you waste, the worse your experience will be. Thankfully, our cheat sheets can help you save time and give you the good resources that you need to keep your white coat dreams on track.

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