Organic Chemistry Class: What to Do When You're Lost In Organic Chemistry Class

The first day you walk into organic chemistry, you are pretty optimistic.

Even through the rumors of this class being the one that typically crushes professional school students' dreams, you still walk in bright eyed and bushy tailed. the first couple of weeks are fine.

You're barely keeping up with the lessons, but you're keeping up. You spend hour after hour in study hall or the library rehashing the lesson in your head.

After a couple of weeks, you get into some of the more advanced concepts and then your head starts spinning.

You're trying to keep up now, but now the thing that you've feared is going to happen, happens.

You're lost

Every time your professor speaks, it sounds like a cat barking.

Nothing makes sense. So how do you re-center yourself when you find yourself lost?


1) Don't Panic - Panicking is by far one of the worst things that you can do when you are lost. When you panic, you're thinking emotionally. You're letting your fear override your better judgment.

Take a step back. Breathe. Things are ok.


2) Seek Help Immediately - Now is not the time to be too prideful. Find someone to help you ASAP. Put your ego aside.

Between your professor and your classmates, you should make time to get together with others to help get you up to speed.


3) Create More Time - Often people don't think about creating more time when they are lost. The fact is though that if you are able to create more time in class, you can spend more time paying attention to what's going on instead of trying to keep up with writing.

Your mind works best when it's focused on one task. The best way to create more class time is to get pre-made notes and practice tests. To find some for organic 1, go here: