Organic Chemistry Basics: Why Your Mindset is More Important Than Studying Organic Chemistry

Everyone always talks about mind over matter when it comes to accomplishing big things.

This is even more true with organic chemistry. Especially organic chemistry basics. And I have a first-hand account to prove it.

I have a friend that I graduated with named Luis. When I first met Luis, he was taking organic 2 for the 3rd time. Luckily Luis didn't wanna go to grad school or any kind of professional school like you do, otherwise he would've been in alkynes of trouble.

I started getting to know Luis around that time and we took a couple more classes with each other. The big class that we took together was biochemistry. Our professor at the time was known for being a real hard rock because she was trying to prepare the class for med school beforehand.

Well Luis, who really wanted to be an analytical chemist, took the class and did ok in it. Enough to the point that when finals came around, if he passed the final, he passed the class.

Short story long, he did not pass the test......the first go round. Our professor saw how hard Luis had been working and gave him another chance to take the test.

So he came to me for help because we'd been study partners throughout the semester and I made an A in the class. Throughout our study sessions with each other, the biggest thing that helped Luis overcome this looming obstacle was his mindset that he knew he was capable of learning the information.

You can pound all of the practice problems and hours studying that you want, but if you don't believe you can grasp the material, you never will.

Needless to say, Luis passed the second time and now he's living a wonderful life as a water chemist for a big power company.

What's the point of this tale? Luis's mindset shift that he used to pass organic 2 served him well in facing an even tougher obstacle. You have to get your mind right first before you can succeed in organic chemistry because it's so different than anything you've seen before.

Not only that, it is a literal gatekeeper to you getting to your next post-graduation step.

You should give organic chemistry the respect that it deserves as being a tough class, but you should also give yourself the credit of being capable to learn the material. Without that mindset shift, everything falls apart and your graduation day will be filled with doom and gloom.

Once you get your mind right, you can head over to our product section and pick up an organic 1 bundle. Mindset is important because it gets you in a space where you can prepare yourself to do the work to pass.

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